80% of our subconscious thoughts are negative, Really?

July 24, 2019 jsedrick

80% of our subconscious thoughts are negative, Really?

Judie Sedrick - Fearless MindDid you know that 80% of our subconscious thoughts are negative??😳

Woah, I heard that today in the @s2spodcast and I was floored! That just gave me more of an incentive to always start my day with positivity! I’m mostly diligent about my morning routine of what I call, ‘grounding’. It helps me get rooted in what I want to accomplish and sets the tone for my day. Even if an obstacle happens midday, that grounding reminds me of my intentions. (See Instagram stories)

This is my grounding routine:
1. Prayer & devotional
2. Thankful & Goals/Affirmation journaling
3. Personal improvement in reading or listening while working out
4. Review time blocking for the day

Now that I know the scales are tipped toward our natural tendency for negative thinking, I’m setting my standards higher and making sure my grounding routine happens daily. 🤩I advocate for self-care always, because the only person you can count on to take care of you is YOU!😘 What’s your morning routine?

If you don’t have one, feel free to adapt mine!

Judie Sedrick
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