Take Care of you Mama!

November 23, 2019
November 23, 2019 jsedrick

Take Care of you Mama!

Take care of MamaWhy is it that us moms think that we can take care of ourselves last after every single person, kids, family members, pets, friends, co-workers, including even strangers! Pretty much that means we never take care of ourselves!! Not taking care of the foundations of our health can put us in a dire situation later on.

I decided to continue to put off my bi-monthly visits to the chiropractor, which keeps my body in alignment for my health and especially the health of my back, for the past year. Yeh, I figured I could do it “later”, “I’m fine”, “no need to now” until the later time is NOW! Now, I’m out of commission with back pain, not being able to do the things I enjoy and spending more time and money at the chiropractor than I would have if I would’ve gone for my maintenance treatment every other month.

Mamas, I know it’s hard to find the time, so you need to make the time by making yourself a priority. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your laid up sick or something because you didn’t take care of your health. I get it, I understand, but guess what, we are not Marvel comic heroes – Super Human Moms! We don’t just regenerate in 30 seconds and have infinite amounts of energy BUT we can take care of our most basic needs like eating good nutrition, staying active, meditation, fueling our brains positively and some personal pampering time so that we can be that Real Mom to our family. If there are health circumstances that require special attention, then THAT is of utmost importance. Believe me, I do enjoy using a foam roller to warm up muscles and massage them but HAVING to use it because of my negligence just makes me mad and feel stupid, but lesson learned and I’m not going let this happen again!😳

Peace and love!

Judie Sedrick
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