What? You’re Not Perfect?

November 25, 2019
November 25, 2019 jsedrick

What? You’re Not Perfect?

We're Not PerfectWe aren’t perfect, but we are perfectly happy😍

This guy keeps me grounded when I start floating away. This guy knows my love language which is service. This guy loves me as I am perfectly imperfect because aren’t we all? –

How to be perfectly happy is a choice. Our family, just like any family, has faced some pretty difficult challenges. Sometimes we are down and frustrated but most of the time, we choose not to dwell in the darkness but seek the light and focus on solutions. Moving backward isn’t an option, but taking a break and recalibrating is. Honestly, when you think you are moving backward, it’s really you just learning. It’s like a baby learning to walk…they push up, take a step or two, stumble back a bit, fall, push back up again. But are we ever angry and upset when they do that? NO! We applaud and cheer them on to keep going, keep trying, keep falling so they get stronger. If you think about it, the happiest part of it all IS the struggle of learning to walk. So we can choose to be happy in the struggle. 😜

The two of us together as mommy and daddy to our beautifully messy family is our happy. It’s interesting because I wasn’t thinking that way at all yesterday!😳 But as I write this, I realize that’s how and why I can be happy. The struggles, the challenging times ARE what builds us stronger together and that’s the happy part. 😜We aren’t perfect parents, but we choose to show our family how perfectly happy we can be together❤️🥰

Can I get a 🙋🏽‍♀️ if your family is perfectly imperfect too?🤪 –

Judie Sedrick
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