Tip #1 – I See You!

December 7, 2019
December 7, 2019 jsedrick

Tip #1 – I See You!

Judie Sedrick - Choose Don't Excuse😳😁I see you! 🙄 I see you eyeing that fudge, toffee and sugar cookies. 🍫🍬🍪

And it’s OK!!! Don’t let guilt and shame stop you from enjoying the holiday treats. 🎄But if you’re feeling guilt and shame, you should ask yourself why? Could it be because you’ve been trying to lose weight or just eat healthier and you know this doesn’t serve you well? I say this because sister, I’ve been there! I would feel “bad” about eating such “sinful” foods that sometimes I’d sneak a quick bite before anyone could see. 😱 I couldn’t stand when I was being judged by what I ate just because I was a health professional. I even felt the need to explain myself, “Yes, of course, I eat mostly whole, clean, unprocessed foods but this is occasional!” Who does that?! Oh yeh me and maybe you do too. Well, I’m here to tell you DON’T! I stopped explaining and feeling shameful when I realized their opinions didn’t matter. It’s one thing to seek or ask for help, it’s another for someone to provide unsolicited commentary (verbal or eye language). 🧐

So I’m here to help and you can keep reading or not, it’s your choice, but I want to help my sisters and brothers out there that struggle with the guilt and want real help on how to avoid the holiday weight gain and still enjoy the goodies.

Each day, for the next ten days, I’m going to post a helpful tip that will serve you not only during the holidays but throughout your life. It’s how I have gained and maintained my physical and emotional self-confidence. 💪🏽

1st and most important TIP- Own it! Own your stuff💩! Start making choices and stop making excuses. If you ate a cookie at the office party, don’t blame Shannon for making the tasty tempting treat and it was right there staring you in the eye saying “eat me!” She didn’t force-feed you. No, you made the conscious decision to pick it up and place it in your mouth. The more you start taking responsibility for your actions, the better control you will have over your life. 😘 Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip…😉

Peace and love,
Judie Sedrick
Choose Don’t Excuse

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