Tip #2 – Water Please

December 8, 2019 jsedrick

Tip #2 – Water Please

Water Please - Choose Don't Excuse💦💦Water PLEASE!💦💦

Water is one of the most important and underused nutritional resources for our bodies and if you live in America, it’s easily accessible and in most cities/states it’s FREE! Our bodies are at least half water which helps move nutrients, keeps our core temperature balanced, and keeps us hydrated. It’s also one of my best tips to avoid holiday weight gain and help us stay on the healthy train. 🚂 As promised, here’s Tip #2!

Before you have any meal, drink at least 16oz of water. It will help with filling your tummy so you won’t be going to the table famished and grabbing for anything. It also aides in digestion. Make sure to keep drinking water throughout the meal to avoid overeating. Basically water always!

I love my water with ice and lemon. Any water add-ins that you like?
Judie Sedrick
Choose Don’t Excuse

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