Tip #4 – Veggies Most

December 10, 2019
December 10, 2019 jsedrick

Tip #4 – Veggies Most

Tip #4 - Veggies Most🎄🎉So those holiday parties 🎊🎄always have tempting delectables and for sure you  know I’m not one to tell you to stay clear of them! Nope! Food should be enjoyed so definitely partake but here’s what I do to keep my nutrition in balance and avoid holiday weight gain.

Tip #4 – Eat veggies most! Just like tip #2 was about having water first before any meal, make sure to fill your plate with veggies most and eat that first before the sweet or indulgent eats. You are less likely to overeat on it if your stomach is full of veggies and water. The less hungry you are the more likely the rich foods won’t look so appetizing. The reason we head for the sugary, high-fat foods is because our bodies need fuel. It’s hungry so it wants quick fuel, one that doesn’t have to take too much time to process, so don’t go hungry. Eat every couple of hours, but if you are hungry, then fill up on some veggies first. The high fiber will take time to digest as well as you’ll receive so many for vitamins and minerals from it rather than the treat. Repeat after me…”Water first. Veggies most.”

Judie Sedrick
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