Tip #5 – Booze and Grub

December 11, 2019
December 11, 2019 jsedrick

Tip #5 – Booze and Grub

1 Month Transformation💪🏽1-month Transformations Exist!💪🏽

As I was getting ready for competition, 2 years ago, but it was hard for me to see changes happening to my body but others would tell me. To me, it was so imperceptible. But I just kept lifting heavy and staying on track with my nutrition; building muscle and losing fat. The picture on the left shows me exactly 5 weeks out from competition day. I was no longer trying to build but working so hard at losing the fat. Being 49 at the time, it was a struggle, but staying consistent and not giving up eventually paid off! The pic on the right is exactly 4 weeks later and 1 week before comp. BTW, all of this was during the fall and at Halloween time so treats were plentiful. I just had to stay focused and not rush the process. I had to “put in the reps” of consistency.

During the holidays it’s definitely possible to keep your eye on the prize. If you are working on staying healthy and avoiding holiday weight gain, here’s….

Tip #5 – Booze and Grub

Parties can mean lots of food and lots of adult beverages, and I promise you still can enjoy both, here’s how.

Before you head to the party, make sure you have a healthy meal. This is good for several reasons;

  1. When you get to the party you won’t be starving and grab for whatever’s nearby
  2. You’ll have food in your belly which will slow the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream.
  3. Alcohol is not only empty calories but it sensitizes the brain’s response to food aromas which can lead to overeating. So post-meal drinks are a better option.
  4. Make a plan of what you will allow yourself to eat and drink. For instance, one small dessert and one 4oz drink. Making the decision beforehand prepares your brain with your intentions and it will help remind you.

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