Tip #6 – Stay On the Healthy Train

December 11, 2019 jsedrick

Tip #6 – Stay On the Healthy Train

FOMO is real🥂🧁FOMO is so real!🍰🍺

We are social creatures. We want to be part of the crowd and be accepted. We want to do what others are doing too and that includes when others are eating, talking, drinking, we want to do the same. But sometimes, what they are eating may not be your ‘cup of tea’. 🍵

Tip #6 – Staying on the healthy train and avoiding holiday weight gain couldn’t have been easier…😉

In order to not feel left out, have cup in your hand of some sparkling water or a cup of hot tea. It’s something about keeping your hands busy that makes us feel comfortable. It’s the same as doodling while you’re listening or fidgeting if you’re sitting still. This way when you’re standing and chatting with others, they won’t ask you….”Why aren’t you eating?” Because they too don’t want to leave you out, but since you have ‘something’ in your hands, they won’t notice and then you won’t notice and all will be well.

Peace and Love!
Judie Sedrick
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