Tip #9 – BYOF Bring Your Own Food

December 14, 2019
December 14, 2019 jsedrick

Tip #9 – BYOF Bring Your Own Food

BYOF - Bring Your Own Food!🍪🥦🍇Eat it!🥓🍠🥩

When you go to parties, outings and events, you don’t always know what you’re going to have for meals. Even if you do know, it may not be something you can or want to eat. Since I’m gluten free and dairy free, I don’t expect the host to have entrees that fit my specific dietary needs , neither should you. Making the excuse, “Well that’s all they had to eat” is a cop out. You are responsible for your own health, no one else is, so if you are trying to avoid holiday weight gain and stay on the healthy train here’s another tip.

Tip #9 – BYOF! Bring Your Own Food

Bring healthy dishes or foods you know you can eat to the party! 🎉 To make sure you’ll have a healthier options that you enjoy at holiday gatherings, bring your own dish to share.
Wow guests with cheesy, easy-to-eat cauliflower nachos or breadsticks, or bake up a dish of eggplant parm for a simple, serve-yourself appetizer. You can google and Pinterest so many recipes. We really don’t have any excuse. And if you can’t bring your food to a catered event or restaurant, eat a little meal before you go so you’re not starving and resort to anything. Smart and simple friends😘

BTW, this gluten free chocolate cookie from Panera’s is delish!!😍 See you can eat out responsibly 🤪

Judie Sedrick
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