Tip #10 – But above all, let there be JOY!

December 15, 2019
December 15, 2019 jsedrick

Tip #10 – But above all, let there be JOY!


The holiday season comes once a year! You have traditions to uphold and memories to make so just ENJOY!! We love to make and give our favorite holiday treat, toffee. We make this once a year in abundance (see my stories for today)🤩 Family and friends wait in anticipation, seriously!🤪😍 It’s definitely not considered a “healthy” treat but it’s healthy in its abundance of joy that it brings🤗

Tip #10 – But above all, let there be JOY!

This tip isn’t about restriction, or exercise, or healthy meal plans, this is about leading everything you do with Joy. Whatever you do in life, find joy in the journey. If it’s joyful to enjoy a piece of toffee, staying out late, having a second helping of dinner and it doesn’t leave you with regret, then enjoy it. Enjoy the family and friends, enjoy the laughter and memories, enjoy the making and giving, enjoy the serving and helping, enjoy the true love of Christmas. Enjoy the ultimate gift given to ALL OF US, the birth of our Savior, the prince of peace and love. The best health tip I can give is that having the love of our Savior in your life is all you need to be on the healthy train of life. He is our ticket to healthy, happy, joyous living.

Merry Christmas friends! May you all have pure joy and peace in your lives!😘

Judie Sedrick
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