March 29, 2020 jsedrick

Weekend Warrior time!!

Read the photo and choose your favorite to stand by today.

What is the best meal for breakfast and lunch? Definitely have a protein and veggie, but add some healthy fat too. Minimize the carbs and sugars during this time so you don’t the blood sugar roller coaster.

FOR LIIFT4 Challengers:
Congrats! You made it through 7 weeks of workouts, with only 1 week left to go. Can you believe it?!

LIIFT4 is designed to constantly challenge you in new ways, so your progress continues forward. Check in with yourself. You’ve got 1 week left. Can you add more weight? Is your eating on track? Are you giving it your all?

If you’re doing all of those things, but you still feel like you’re not where you should be, message me or check out the Beachbody On Demand Community, where you can find registered dietitians, certified trainers, and other experts who can help answer your questions. Let’s get things on point now as we head into Week 8