Move it MONDAY!!

March 31, 2020
March 31, 2020 jsedrick

Move it MONDAY!!

Lift 4 Challenge GroupThis week I am inviting all that want to join me in a 6am MST online workout! You get to do whichever program you are already doing. We open up and join the meeting at 6am and then push play! It’s just a way to stay motivated, connect with each other, and be accountable!! JOIN ME!!

“I am flexible in my thoughts and actions.”
I had an interesting conversation with a friend. She was willing to do a certain project on a certain day but when she couldn’t do it that day because of extenuating circumstances beyond her control, she bagged her project and said she didn’t want to do it anymore. She closed her mind and her spirit from pursuing her project just because it didn’t fit into her daily agenda.

Friends, that is life in a nutshell. Things will not, I repeat, “will not” always go as planned some of the time. There are too many moving parts to our day and to our lives, not to mention so many other things and people that are involved. It’s like an orchestra, all the instruments are playing at different times, and when it all works properly, it’s a beautiful piece of music. But sometimes the musician can become sick, or an instrument fails, or not all the seats are full in the auditorium, does that mean the conductor gives up and leaves the other musicians to figure it out him/herself? NO! He continues to work with what he/she has and adjusts, adapts and flexes. We can all bend, flow and flex our schedules, our attitudes and especially our spirits.

Did you go a little overboard (according how you normally eat) over the weekend? Don’t fret about it! It’s ok to go a little out of your normal eating regime once in awhile. It actually shakes your body up so it doesn’t adapt and plateau. Does that mean go wild and eat everything that’s in your path on the weekend? NO! It means be sensible and enjoy. You can do that without going down a path that leads you to continue the old habits.

FOR LIIFT4 Challengers:
Remember Chest/Back – Circuit from last week? Today will be the same format and moves, with a slight changeup in the order of those moves.
You’ve got 11 chest and back moves, 2 core moves, and 3 sets to get done, so get ready to work! Final note—as you go into this last chest and back workout, fuel up before and replenish after. By now you should know what your body needs to perform at its best so have your food and/or Beachbody supplements ready. Beachbody Performance Recover is a great post-workout way to make sure your body is getting the protein it needs (among other incredible things) to really take advantage of all that hard work you did with Joel and the cast.

Peace and Love,
Judie Sedrick