Turn Your Focus Inward

April 5, 2020
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April 5, 2020 jsedrick

Turn Your Focus Inward

Judie - Focus InwardLife can get really out of alignment if we let it, especially if outside influences creep in unexpected.

Turn your focus inward.

Write down 10 things that are your priorities in life. What is super important to you? Then narrow it down to 5 things, then narrow it even further to the 3 most important aspects in your life. Those 3 things is where you will always gage yourself, your progress. When you start feeling overwhelmed, come back to the 3 priorities in your life that you value, place the stresses in the categories of the 3 things, and if it doesn’t fit into any of the 3 areas, that that’s what you need to let go of and stop worrying about.

I’ll share mine as an example, Faith, Family, and Fitness. If the concerns I deal with don’t fall into any of those 3 categories, then it is of less importance to me and I let it go.

It’s ok to look out, to hope and to see what’s ahead, it’s not ok to dwell on the unknown to the point of despair.