RESET or Reevaluate

April 8, 2020
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April 8, 2020 jsedrick

RESET or Reevaluate

I’ve been hearing lately that we are in a “RESET” of some sort. Hmmm, 🤔 what does that mean to you? How does a reset effect what you are doing now? Do you have time for a reset? Like rebooting your computer….we all know how long that takes to start back up. 😳

Maybe it’s more of an opportunity to reevaluate than a complete shut down. It’s a chance to take a look at your current priorities and goals in life and figure out if it’s worth it. What are you currently working on that is important to you? Whatever it is, why is it worth it to achieve? How do you stay committed to it during a time of uncertainty?

The reason we don’t stay committed to our desires and goals is because we don’t attach a deep enough “why” to the goal. Think about “why” you finish a project at work. Most likely it’s because people are counting on you, you are getting paid for it and there’s a possibility of getting fired if you don’t complete it. Accountability, money and fear are attached to that goal. What can you attach to your goal that is meaningful to you? For me, working out regularly is therapy. It’s super important because I don’t want to go down the road of depression again. The healthy amount of fear of experiencing that again keeps me going. 🤪Exercise literally keeps me sane!

This Reset, this Pause, this Re-evaluation time is valuable. Take advantage of it while the whole world is on the same playing field. Raise your hand if you’ve already done some rethinking!🙋🏽‍♀️

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